Customer Testimonials

  1. The seminar was direct and informative, covering all relevant topics in exact detail while other situational topics were discussed generally with emphasis on where to find more information should the need arise. The instructor showed comfort and confidence in his knowledge of the material that was presented and provided a welcoming environment for questions and discussion.
    Russ H.
  2. Took a CCW class today with Chris. His class really exceeded my expectations. He was very informative, clear and easy to follow. I really appreciated the fact that he put a lot of emphasis on safety and making sure I understood all material before moving forward. Chris has a strong background and a lot of knowledge to put forth. I would definitely recommend his class.
    Robert D.
  3. I just took the Utah class with private instruction with Chris today I have to say it was the best handgun class I have ever taken. I feel every ccw holder should attend this class. The class covers several practices you need to be aware of in a defensive situation. Chris made it a fun and rewarding learning experience. I would highly recommend him!
    Samantha K.
  4. The training presentation was informative and engaging, and both my wife and I felt comfortable asking questions and discussing the material afterward. Chris knows his stuff and can make even the most timid feel confident in their knowledge and ownership of proper gun safety protocol.
    Rob M.
  5. Chris gave an excellent class on conceal carry. We were taught the law, how to handle bad situations and firearm safety by a true professional. The instructions were clear and precise. I look forward to taking more classes with Chris.
    John S.
  6. Thank you for presenting the UTAH CC course. I enjoyed the small class which gave us the opportunity to ask questions and provide individual attention. The evening was definitely worth my time and clarified some questions, and misunderstandings I had.
    Rich W.