1. TBD
    Utah Concealed Carry Firearms Permit​
    11:00am -3pm
    Utah Concealed Carry Permit Class. Now is the time to act, currently the Utah Non-Resident CCW Permit is the MOST HONORED Permit in the US, valid in 32 + states and counting.
  2. TBD
    NRA Basic Pistol Class​
    8:00am -4pm
    The Course Outline: Firearm and Range safety. Explain range commands and procedures to follow. Fundamentals including determination of dominant eye, assuming a proper two-handed grip, and demonstrating the five fundamentals of pistol shooting. Loading, cocking, de-cocking, unloading, and pistol maintenance. Shooting positions (both bench rest and the two-handed grip) and shooting qualifications. Safely shoot a target from the bench rest and the two-handed standing position.
  3. TBD
    Conceled Carry 101 Class
    10:00am -3pm
    Our Concealed Carry 101 is a class designed to help you become more comfortable and confident when carrying your firearm. This Class covers topics such as: How to Carry Properly Situational Awareness Ammunition Selection Live Fire Drills
  4. TBD
    Women's Only Training
    11:00am -3pm
    This course offers firearms training for women to develop the following basic skills: Basic handling/manipulation of a firearm Firearms Cleaning Basic Firearms Safety Shooting accuracy Live fire exercise
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